1985 is online. Enjoy.
 Day 27 september I will leave for Japan for 18 days. But I want to put 1985 online before that date. So stay tuned...
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 1984 is online... I love 1984 year!
 1984 is coming... and I'm really excited about that :)
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 1983 is online... hope you enjoy
 Added a video dated 1982 (old UK Show, hope someone help me to found out date and location)
 1983 is coming... (in Wham! Appearances)
 Ok, let's pull the trigger.I officially opened the Wham! Appearances section. The goal is to list ALL the existing footages about George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley. I know that it's a tough assignment, but in the last 10 years I have collected a lot of material online and not only. If you want to help me completing and updating this list, please contact me. Thank you!
 Soon I will begin on this site a new section called "Wham Appearances" in which I will list in the various years every public appearances of Andrew Ridgeley and George Michael. The goal is to list all the existing documented videos that you can find on internet and beyond. It will be a long job in hopes that you'd help me out.
 Rest Happily George, you accompained me for most of my youth...
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This collection contains a a total of 857 distinct items related to music of George Michael and Wham!
The collection is the testament of about 10 years of passion for their music from the first day I listened to Freedom of Wham back in 1996 until the day when I had the honor to see George in concert in Milan in october 2006.
I expect genuine offers from all those who loved the art of George Michael in all his shining career, and I hope that these records that were the result of years of markets research and buying and selling on Ebay, go to a true fan.

Most clicked items
Discography: 755 items including Vinyl Records, Compact Disc and Cassettes
Videography: 38 items includind VHS, DVD, Laser Disc
Bibliography: 64 items including Books and Magazines
128 promotional records and CD
489 pieces in Excellent or Mint conditions
18 still brand new sealed products
24 Picture Disc and limited editions