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I'm Your Man (Official Video)

Video was directed by Andy Morahan and presented in black and white.
It was shooting at the historical club "The Marquee" in Soho. Wham play back a live concert inside the club on a small stage set up just under the big word "Marquee", and at the outside entrance, for an exhilarating gag, which involves the manager of the duo, Simon Napier-Bell. In fiction, after trying in vain to lure passers by handing out flyers, George calls Simon on the phone to complain about his choice to play at the Marquee, a club that, according to the singer, would be "unsuitable for a band that has sold millions of records ".
Date 1985-10-29
Type Official music video
Venue Marquee Club, Wardour Street, Soho
City London
Country England
Performed Songs
I'm Your Man