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The Final Concert

Date 1986-06-28
Type Amateur video performance
Venue Wembley Arena
City London
Country England
Performed Songs
Everything She Wants
Club Tropicana
Bad Boys
If you were there
The edge of heaven (with Elton John)
Candle in the wind (with Elton John)
Credit card baby
Like a baby
Love machine
Where did you heart go?
Last christmas
Wham rap
A Different corner
Careless whisper
(band introduction)
Young guns
Wake me up before you go-go
I'm your man (with Simon le Bon and Elton John)
Pre Concert interview. This is absolutely the last Wham! interview before their split. It was recorded in the backstage during the premiere vision of "Wham in china - Foreign Skies" just few hours before the beginning of the show. (2 little excerpts: one taken from "VH1 Behind the Music" doc)
Official footages of the concert exist, but unfortunaly there were never released. You can find just some excerpts: one with the introduction of "everthing she wants" (1.30 minutes circa), and some other short clips along the show.
You can find one unofficial version recorded from the left of the stage. It cover 2 hours out more than 3 hours of the full show. There are many copy of that video with more or less poor quality. Some of them have kept the colors, other are nearly in black and white.