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Bolts Night

This one is actually the second time that Wham performed at Lazers.
Wham! were just starting to do some promotional night in 1982 in various night clubs in London. This footage was from a Thursday night in Haringey, North London at a dingy nightclub called Lasers on Turnpike Lane and every Thursday, they would have a night called 'Bolts' which was in keeping with the whole 80s, new wave, electronic era and only played newish songs to their throng. George & Andrew only do a couple of numbers but what you can see is the boys along with Shirlie & Dee C Lee practicing their dance moves and also George rapping.
Date 1982-11-11
Type Amateur video performance
Venue Lasers Nightclub, Haringey
City London
Country England
Performed Songs
Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do)
Young Guns (Go for It)