Collection Composition

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Format Description Detailed Format Detailed Description SubTotal Total
7" 7 inch vinyl record 7" Standard 242 250
7"G Gatefold Sleeve 3
7"D Two records in Gatefold Sleeve 4
7"B Records Boxset 1
12" 12 inch vinyl record 12" Standard 213 222
12"D Two records 7
12"B Records Boxset 2
CD 5 inch Compact Disc CD Standard jewel case 88 187
CDS Slimline jewel case 36
CDC Card Sleeve (or Plastic Sleeve) 24
CDG Digipak (Gatefold Sleeve) 26
2CD Double CD Case 7
2CDS Slim Double CD Case (same size of standard CD) 3
3CD 3 CD Case 3
3" 3 inch Compact Disc 3" Standard Mini CD 7 20
3"J Japanese Snap-packs case 13
MC Musicassette MC Standard plastic case 60 75
MCC Card Sleeve 12
2MC Double sized case Musicassettes 3
MD Minidisc MD Standard 1 2
2MD Double Mini Disc 1
DVD Digital Versatile Disc DVD Standard 15 16
2DVD Double DVD Case 1
VHS Video Home System VHS Standard Plastic Case 16 20
VHSC Card Sleeve 4
VDC Video CD 2VCD Double VDC Jewel Case 1 1
LD Laser Disc LD Laser Disc 1 1
Books and Magazines
Books 23
Magazine 41

Conditions of conservation

VGVery Good
For every item I provide the "sleeve condition" (for a disc cover or a cd box) and the "record condition", meaning the conditions of the musical support.
I was very strict at judging my collection (many VS evaluations may have as well been evaluated as "EX").
Feel free to ask me for any more picture which is not present. I will get back to you and add it ASAP.